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Film review: 'A Plastic Ocean' Shows Us A World Awash With Rubbish

Plastic isn’t fantastic, and neither is the current state of our environment.

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1 Million Women Take On The Plastic Free July Challenge

At 1 Million Women we love to hate plastic. That's why we're all taking the challenge to go plastic free this July!

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Plastic Free July: How To Go A Whole Month Without Plastic

Have you signed up for Plastic Free July? Here's how to make it through the month plastic free.

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Is A Vegetarian Diet Really More Environmentally Friendly Than Eating Meat?

We’re increasingly encouraged to eat less meat to tackle climate change. But what about all those fruit, vegetable and staples crossing the globe – can we really label them as more sustainable?

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This Couple Has Spent The Past 26 Years Nursing A Rainforest Back To Life

The rainforest in South India is now home to more than 200 threatened and endangered species.


All The Times Trump Was Alone In Ditching The Paris Agreement (And Why He Doesn’t Matter)

The Paris Agreement is still on, with or without the President of the United States

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We’re Declaring The Reef In Danger. Here’s Why.

After two consecutive bleaching events, is it safe to say the reef’s in danger yet?


Climate Council: Climate, Health And Economics Are Against Carmichael Mine

Every reason the Carmichael Mine shouldn't go ahead.

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This South Pacific Island Of Rubbish Shows Why We Need To Quit Our Plastic Habit

Researchers have found nearly 38 million pieces of plastic rubbish on Henderson Island, one of the most remote islands on the planet.