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Plastic Free July: How To Go A Whole Month Without Plastic

Have you signed up for Plastic Free July? Here's how to make it through the month plastic free.


How to: make your own re-usable fruit and vegetable bags

Give up plastic bags with this easy DIY on making your own re-usable fruit and vegetable bags


How to get ready for Plastic Free July!

Are you ready to take on the plastic-free challenge?


7 Devastating Facts About Plastic Bags

What are plastic bags made from? How many plastic bags do we use each year?


Incredible Alternatives To Plastic Inspired By Nature

Say goodbye to planet-polluting plastics thanks to these amazing inventions!

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Avoiding single-use plastics: Small actions with BIG impacts

Your guide to avoiding everyday waste


3 steps to start living your plastic-free, zero-waste life

Are you fed up with the impacts of mindless consumption and a throw-away society? Plastic free living or even a zero waste lifestyle might be for you!


Plastic Free Forever: How to break up with plastic once and for all

Can we rid ourselves of this material that seems to be in every aspect of our lives?


5 MORE absurdly over-packaged food products

Plastic waste is bad for the community, our climate and our world. It's taking over our lives, sometimes unnecessarily, like these 5 food items...